Harry Jessell

Chairman Pai Should Finish the Job On Local TV Caps

[Commentary] The FCC chairman has done much to advance his deregulation agenda but there’s one conspicuous exception — the local TV ownership rule that prevents ownership of two top-four stations in a market.

Ownership Cap Shouldn't Be Used As Shield

[Commentary] The affiliates want the Federal Communications Commission to impose a 39 percent ownership cap on the networks to keep the networks’ power in check.

Sinclair Creating Bad Optics For FCC Chairman Pai

[Commentary] Sinclair’s behavior in trying to merge with Tribune is doing it — and the entire broadcasting industry — no favors.

End Discriminatory Regulations Against Broadcast

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission's tentative $13.4 million fine against Sinclair for allegedly airing news programming that was paid for by a sponsor is just one more example of antiquated rules targeting broadcasting alone.

Sinclair + Tribune = Transformative Force

With Tribune, Sinclair goes from a large collection of TV stations to a national broadcasting platform with ambitions that go far beyond those of the Big Four networks.

Lessons Learned from the Trump Campaign

[Commentary] There is unlikely to be another presidential campaign like the one that made Donald Trump our 45th president last year.

Is TV News ‘The Enemy?’ Don’t Ask FCC Chairman Pai

[Commentary] Well, that was a disappointment. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, who has set himself up as a champion of the First Amendment, failed to stand up for TV news at the Senate Commerce Committee hearing.

Rally Round The First Amendment

[Commentary] President Trump's attacks on the mainstream news media have not only energized them, but have prompted them to work together to plot a common strategy to preserve and expand their First Amendment rights and protections.

Sinclair May Be On The Wrong News Path

[Commentary] Sinclair is building a national TV news organization and there is a lot to like about that. Unfortunately, what's emerging is one with a conservative bent.

Wheeler's Auction: Promises Undelivered

[Commentary] Outgoing Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler said the other day that the auction “delivered on its ambitious promise.” That’s quite a stretch by any measure.