John Eggerton

Federal Appeals Court Upholds FCC Business Data Services Remake

A federal appeals court has upheld the majority of the Federal Communications Commission's 2017 Business Data Services (BDS) revamp.

Net Neutrality Activists Hammer Judge Kavanaugh

Network neutrality activists have gotten together to fight the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, saying he would put the wishes of big cable and big telecom over the interests of the public.

Broadcasting Board of Governors Rebrands for Digital Age

The Broadcasting Board of Governors has updated its brand.

ACA: Smaller ISPS Lack Leverage to Be Anticompetitive Threat

Smaller cable operators don't have the incentive or ability to act anticompetitively toward either their customers or edge providers.

NCTA: FTC Needs to Maintain Light Regulatory Touch

NCTA: The Internet & Television Association says the Federal Trade Commission needs to take a light-touch approach to regulating the wildly competitive communications marketplace, but apply that touch to everyone in the space.

Newspapers to FTC: Digital Deck Is Stacked Against Quality Journalism

The News Media Alliance has told the Federal Trade Commission that it needs to take action to "rein in tech giants' anticompetitive conduct." That came in comments to the agency in advance of a planned series of public hearings over the next six m

Fire Chief from CA: Verizon Throttling Data Was a Safety Threat

According to testimony and documents provided by the fire chief of Santa Clara County, one of the CA counties fighting the largest wildfire in the state's history, throttling of its Internet speeds per a lower-priced Verizon data plan had a signif

Mozilla, Benton Foundation, Others: FCC Net Neutrality Rollback Broke Law

Public Knowledge, Mozilla, the Benton Foundation, INCOMPAS and others challenging the Federal Communications Commission's Restoring Internet Freedom order say that was not just bad policy but illegal. That is coming in a brief with the US Court of

FCC Diversity Committee Has Big Issue with FCC Incubator Program

Key leadership of the Federal Communications Commission's Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Empowerment (ACDDE) have a big problem with the way the FCC has structured the new diversity incubator program they otherwise support, a problem