John Eggerton

Leagues To Supremes: Aereo 'Package' Is Game Breaker

Pro football and baseball have warned the Supreme Court that if Aereo is allowed to deliver and package TV station signals without paying copyright fees for the programming, the leagues will likely take their ball and go home, "home" being pay cha

FCC Chairman Wheeler Collects Support From Diversity Groups, Hill for JSA Proposal

Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler collected plaudits from diversity groups and Hill Democrats for his decision to make joint sales agreements over 15% of a station's ad sales attributable under the FCC's ownership rules and pr

H Block Nears $1.5 Billion

With 96 rounds completed, the Federal Communications Commission's H block auction is just under the $1.5 billion mark. As of Feb 19, the auction has reached $1,499,978,000 in bids for 176 spectrum licenses.