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Judge Kavanaugh defends his net neutrality dissent in Senate hearing

During his second day of Senate confirmation hearings, Judge Brett Kavanaugh defended his dissent in a federal court decision that upheld the Federal Communications Commission's 2015 net neutrality rules.

Is the Trump administration's re-killing of net neutrality a big deal?

The Federal Communications Commission has already repealed net neutrality, but the Trump administration can't leave it there. It also wants the Supreme Court to remove a ruling that upheld the controversial Obama-era rules. Is this a big deal?

The FCC's net neutrality comments debacle: What you need to know

Network neutrality may be dead, but questions remain about how seriously the Federal Communications Commission considered comments from the public.

Why net neutrality supporters are cringing at the AT&T-Time Warner merger

Historians may look back on this week as a turning point in the evolution of the internet. First came the end of net neutrality rules which ensured that broadband and wireless providers couldn't act as gatekeepers picking and choosing who succeeds

Lawmakers want Facebook's help providing rural broadband

Mark Zuckerberg appeared on Capitol Hill to talk about data privacy. But several lawmakers from rural parts of the country used the opportunity to ask the Facebook CEO to help bring high-speed internet access to their rural constituents.

No, AT&T hasn't created internet fast lanes. But...

Is AT&T carving out lanes on the internet and offering the speediest service to the highest bidder, while leaving all other internet traffic relegated to "slow lanes"? Not exactly.

President Trump infrastructure plan leaves out rural broadband funding

President Donald Trump's $200 billion infrastructure proposal released Feb 12 includes $50 billion in funding for rural communities, but nothing specific for broadband deployment.

Net neutrality allies are ready to fight. But can it be saved?

On Jan 15, Democrats announced all 49 of their senators, and one Republican will vote on a bill that uses the Congressional Review Act to reinstate the regulation. What are the chances that Democrats will succeed? It seems unlikely.

Comcast denies plans to offer internet 'fast lanes'

Comcast said it has no plans to offer fast lanes on the internet after the Federal Communications Commission eliminates Obama-era regulation, which banned the practice.

AT&T hopes you forget it's a phone company

With T-Mobile tearing up the wireless industry, what's a carrier to do? If you're AT&T, start looking outside the wireless business. AT&T doesn't want to be known as just a telecommunication company anymore.