Wendy Davis

Broadband Providers Lobby To Weaken California Net Neutrality Proposal

Internet service providers are stepping up their fight against a California net neutrality proposal that would explicitly prohibit providers from exempting material from consumers' data caps.

Battle Over A Tweet Could Reshape Online News

Digital rights groups and news associations are slamming a judge's recent ruling that Time, Yahoo and other publishers may have infringed copyright by embedding a tweet that contained a photo in news stories. 

Wireless Lobby Wants FCC To Block Privacy Laws

 CTIA - The Wireless Association is joining Verizon and Comcast in asking the Federal Communications Commission to prohibit states from subjecting broadband providers to privacy rules. "The Commission ...

Children's Lawyers Drop Privacy Suit Against Viacom Over Tracking Cookies

Attorneys for a group of children have agreed to withdraw a long-running privacy lawsuit against Viacom.

FCC's O'Rielly Hopes To Block State Privacy Laws

Congress's decision to repeal the nationwide broadband privacy rules appears to have spurred lawmakers in at least a dozen states to introduce new measures that would protect residents' online privacy.

Appeals Court Sides With CNN In App Privacy Battle

A federal appellate court has sided with CNN in a dispute over whether its iTunes app violated a federal privacy law by allegedly sharing data about consumers with the analytics company Bango.

Court Urged To Restore FTC's Power To Prosecute AT&T

In 2016, three judges on a federal appellate court issued a stunning ruling that blocked the Federal Trade Commission from prosecuting AT&T for allegedly duping customers.

House Communications Subcommittee Chair Blackburn Aims To Revoke Broadband Privacy Rules

House Communications Subcommittee Chairman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) says she is readying a push to revoke the Federal Communications Commission's broadband privacy rules.

Association of National Advertisers Expects Pai To Revisit Privacy

It's "highly likely" that Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai will grant the ad industry's request to revisit tough broadband privacy rules, the Association of National Advertisers predicted.

Frontier Criticized For Broadband Ads

Frontier, which offers both DSL and fiber-optic service, advertised that consumers could stream video and "never worry" about their connections, according to the National Advertising Division (NAD), a self-regulatory unit administered by the Bette