Benton Foundation Troubled By FCC's Transparency About Face

On February 3, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission rescinded a progress report on E-rate modernization. The following may be attributed to Amina Fazlullah, Director of Policy at the Benton Foundation:

The “E-rate Modernization Progress Report” tells a powerful story of how pragmatic FCC policies are playing a vital role in extending gigabit broadband to every school, Wi-Fi to every classroom, and opportunity to every child. It tells of progress being enabled by the E-Rate and commitments of support from a bipartisan group of governors. This impressive broadband progress is something that all of us, as Americans, can be proud of. It’s surprising that a day after taking new transparency steps, the FCC would somehow feel the need to remove this data from the record and hide this broadband progress report from the public. We just aren’t sure what this “sweep under the rug” strategy may be about, or why the FCC is now playing politics with our kids' digital future.