While Trump tweets about ‘fake news,’ his leak problem is worsening

[Commentary] A president who once contended that nine unnamed sources in one report couldn't possibly be real is waking up to articles with source tallies that sometimes soar into double digits.

What if Platforms Like Facebook Are Too Big to Regulate?

A sufficiently successful social platform is experienced, much like Uber, as a piece of infrastructure. Except, instead of wrapping its marketplace around a city’s roads, Facebook makes a new market around communication, media and civil society.

Facebook Built Its vision of Democracy on Bad Math

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook to once more defend himself and his platform.

Seven legal questions about Trump deleting his tweets

President Donald Trump again scrubbed his twitter account this week, deleting tweets supporting defeated Alabama Senate candidate Luther Strange. Does Trump have the right to hit the delete button?

What Does 'Effective Competition' Mean for Sprint/T-Mobile -- And You?

Mentioning the public interest just once, the Federal Communications Commission adopted its 20th wireless competition report this week.

Governing the Future of the Internet

The internet is global. So the approach to internet governance should be global as well, right? Not exactly.

Why The Public’s Love Affair With Silicon Valley Might Be Over

Technology products, services, and sites are now where we get our news, debate topics of the day, and encounter what seems like an increasingly scary world. And people do tend to shoot the messenger.

On Jared Kushner’s emails, the real problem is the media’s hypocrisy

[Commentary] The truth is that there are very few things that each party won’t condemn when the other side does it but defend when their own side does it. But it’s the job of the press to sort out what’s meaningful from what isn’t.

How Facebook fought to keep political ads in the shadows

It’s easy to see Facebook’s changes to political ads as an attempt to self-impose regulations before the government can force its hand.

Crying Wolf on Waste, Fraud, and Abuse for Low-Income Americans

While the Lifeline program was a crucial step toward providing low-income Americans with internet access, it’s also become the target of uproarious criticism. The reason?