US congressional hearings have been turned from a vital part of democracy into a partisan weapon

Once upon a time, public congressional hearings were a means of helping Americans better understand the workings of their government.

Sending a strong signal on global internet freedom

[Commentary] Among the range of complex foreign policy issues yet to be addressed by the Trump administration is a serious concern for global internet freedom.

5G, Smart Cities and Communities of Color

This report examines the implications for communities of color of fifth-generation wireless technology (also known as 5G) and Smart City technology.

“Regulatory Revival” and Employment in Telecommunications

Empirical research demonstrates that the Obama Administration’s aggressive regulatory agenda at the Federal Communications Commission reduced investment in the telecommunications sector between $20 and $40 billion annually, robbing the nation of a

Algorithm’s decisions draw increased scrutiny

The world’s 3.6 billion internet users depend on computer algorithms to sort through the vast ocean of information available online.


[Commentary] On May 18, House Communications Subcommittee Chairman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) introduced the BROWSER Act (H.R.

NCTA Proves Virtuous Cycle Works

[Commentary] Recently, NCTA, the trade association for the industry formerly known as cable, posted this amazing graph and blog post showing that the "virtuous cycle" the Federal Communications Commission predicted would happen when it adopted the

Innovators in Digital Inclusion: Free Geek

In 2000, a collective led by Oso Martin recognized the need in Portland, Oregon, for safe disposal and recycling of electronics. Simultaneously, they saw an opportunity to get technology into the hands of those who did not have it.

The Case for Media Impact

What does it mean for a journalistic organization to put the goal of impact at the center of its mission?

Measuring Broadband In Schools

In schools across the United States, IT departments are routinely tasked with supporting teachers as they move toward more technology-centric instructional environments.