No, Twitter still isn’t subject to the First Amendment — even if a judge said Trump’s account is

[Analysis] The ruling that President Trump violated the constitutional rights of Americans when he blocked some of his Twitter followers after they criticized him politically raises many more questions about the extent of those First Amendment obl

Politics v. Antitrust: We Draw the Line

Let’s remember that the core notion of democracy underlying antitrust is the value of individual opportunity, free from the workings of political or economic power.

Here’s why Comcast says it should own Fox’s business — and why Fox says it still prefers Disney

Comcast plans to outbid Disney for Fox’s movie and TV studios, its cable networks and its stake in Hulu, as Comcast announced today it’s in “advanced stages of preparing an offer.” Murdoch, who heads Fox, already turned down a proposal from Comcas

Net neutrality is coming back, no matter what happens next with the Senate resolution

[Commentary]  The Republican Senate's passage May 16 of a measure that would reinstate the Federal Communications Commission's network neutrality rules is a strong indication that support for those regulations is gaining steam.

An Historic Vote for Net Neutrality in the Senate

For well over a decade, the debate on how best to ensure protections for broadband customers has bounced around Washington, DC.

FCC Must Choose Between Many or Few with Spectrum Rule Change

A proposed rule change before the Federal Communications Commission for spectrum licenses in the 3.5 GHz band presents a clear choice between the needs of the few and the needs of the many—though with some complications.  The FCC is on the cusp of

Farewell to Commissioner Mignon Clyburn

[Commentary] Many people understand the duty of public service. But for Mignon Clyburn, it is a calling. Too many people who care deeply about social justice dismiss communications law as a wonky specialty.

AT&T’s $600,000 payment to Michael Cohen looks like wasted money

[Commentary] AT&T's hiring of Michael Cohen in January 2017 to advise the company on an $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner looked like a smart strategy. In retrospect, AT&T's contract with Cohen appears to have been a complete failure.

Klout Is Shutting Down Just In Time to Not Reveal How Much It Knew About Us

Klout, the service which measured online influence and assigned people a zero-to-100 score based on their social media followings, will shut down on May 25. Everyone’s Klout scores will go away, and with them, any remaining chance that businesses

How congressional politics drive the net neutrality debate

[Commentary] The net neutrality Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution may be unlikely to ultimately change Federal Communications Commission policy, but Democrats’ efforts on the issue can still have political value. Democrats are likely using