Impact of CAF II-funded Networks

A new Blandin Foundation report finds that telecommunications companies relying only on Federal Communications Commission’s Connect America Fund (CAF II) to build broadband networks in rural Minnesota will not equip residents with speeds that meet

Want to Understand What Ails the Modern Internet? Look at eBay

When the biggest platforms seem to be flailing or punting on problems, it’s often because they’re trying to address broad social issues with market solutions.

How Tech Companies Conquered America’s Cities

Across the country, cities are straining. Housing costs are exploding, transportation systems are overwhelmed, infrastructure is crumbling, and inequality is on the rise.

Does Disney or Comcast Have a Better Shot at Regulatory Approval for Fox Deal?

While offering billions in a bidding war for most of 21st Century Fox’s TV and film assets, both Disney and Comcast are also on the front lines of a battle of words, each trying to position its bid as the one most likely to gain regulatory approva

What happens if Apple loses its Supreme Court App Store antitrust appeal?

The Supreme Court will decide whether iPhone users can sue Apple for locking down the iOS ecosystem, something the suit’s plaintiffs say is creating an anti-competitive monopoly. Apple v.

In the Aftermath of the AT&T/Time Warner Decision, There’s Still Hope

While the result of AT&T/Time Warner is disappointing, there’s light at the end of the dark tunnel that was the week of June 11. First, the Department of Justice may yet appeal and win the AT&T case, and we hope it does.

It’s time to rein in the data barons

Facebook, Google, and Amazon all have business models that require them to scoop up large amounts of data about people to power their algorithms, and they derive their power from this information. Like the oil barons at the turn of the 20th centur

AT&T's merger will change how we watch TV

AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner will create a media conglomerate that combines premium content with a vast distribution network to deliver it to consumers. One of its first experiments in marrying the two will be a "skinny bundle" called AT&

The FTC Must Be Empowered to Protect Our Privacy

Although consent orders sound good in theory, recent revelations about Facebook’s behavior have left consumers doubting that they work in practice.

The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage and Fear in the Cyber Age

Cyberattacks have been around for two decades. As President Barack Obama once feared, a cyberarms race of historic but hidden proportions has taken off. et in this arms race, the United States has often been its own worst enemy.