The nation’s top tech companies are asking Congress to reform a key NSA surveillance program

Facebook, Google, Microsoft and a host of tech companies asked Congress to reform a government surveillance program that allows the National Security Agency to collect emails and other digital communications of foreigners outside the United States

FreedomPop targets Lifeline providers with digital platform

FreedomPop is hoping to cash in on the Federal Communications Commission’s overhaul of the Lifeline program, which subsidizes telecommunications services for low-income consumers.

Mobile Data Plan Survey: Users Not Thrilled with Unlimited Plans

Nearly six in 10 (58%) of mobile users in a nationwide mobile data plan survey would switch mobile services providers if they had more choice and control regarding how they used their data.

Of what was Greg Gianforte ‘sick and tired’?

[Commentary] Montana GOP congressional candidate Greg Gianforte said of a Guardian reporter, “The last guy did the same damn thing.” From the looks of things, “the same damn thing” appears to boil down to asking questions of the candidate.

Rough Treatment of Journalists in the Trump Era

For those concerned about press freedom, the first months of the Trump administration have been troubling. Journalists have been yelled at, pepper-sprayed, pinned by security, and even arrested on the job.

Someone impersonated them to slam the FCC’s net neutrality rules. Now they want answers.

More than a dozen people sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission saying that their names and contact information were improperly used as part of a widespread political campaign meant to discredit the commission's network neutrality

Democrats want to turn net neutrality into the next GOP health-care debacle

Now that the Federal Communications Commission has released its official proposal to repeal network neutrality rules, Democrats are vowing to fight that measure in the courts, at the Federal Communications Commission, and in the realm of public op

No Matter What Washington Does, One Nonprofit Is Closing the Digital Divide

In 2016, with the help of a program called ConnectHome -- a partnership between EveryoneOn and the Department of Housing and Urban Development -- the Choctaw Nation connected every single rental housing property in Talihina to low-cost internet se

T-Mobile’s “Digits” program revamps the phone number

On May 31 T-Mobile will launch Digits, a revamp of how T-Mobile phone numbers work, virtualizing customer numbers so they can work across multiple devices.

‘Anyone . . . with a pulse’: How a Russia-friendly adviser found his way into the Trump campaign

As part of its broader investigation into potential collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, the FBI continues to examine how Carter Page joined the campaign and what conversations he may have had with Russian officials abo