Federal court rejects challenge to national security data requests

The Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that gag orders issued with warrant-like national security letters do not violate the First Amendment.

The net neutrality fight is on: Where do we go from here?

If the Federal Communications Commission does dismantle Title II network neutrality rules, what happens next?

Conservative Group Says Pro Net Neutrality Comments Were Faked

On July 17, a group opposed to the rules said its analysis had uncovered 1.3 million likely fake pro-net neutrality comments from addresses in France, Russia and Germany "almost exclusively" from the e-mail domains and "The ga

ITIF to FCC: Internet Discrimination Can Be Good

Banning all paid prioritization will not result in an internet that drives innovation and consumer welfare, an internet that has never treated content neutrally anyway.

The threat now lurking behind Trump’s media-slamming tweets

President Donald Trump on July 16 slammed the media on Twitter before spending the afternoon at one of his golf courses and tuning in to Fox News in the evening.

Rep Biggs: Media has 'Pavlovian' response to mention of Russia

Rep Andy Biggs (R-AZ) is slamming the media's coverage of President Donald Trump and Russia, saying news outlets have a "fixation" on the issue.

Smaller Manufacturers Take Aim at Title II

A group of small and mid-sized manufacturers of broadband network products has told the Federal Communications Commission to roll back Title II, just one in a wave of comments coming in to the FCC by July 17, the deadline for initial comments in F

Outgoing Ethics Chief: US Is ‘Close to a Laughingstock’

Actions by President Trump and his administration have created a historic ethics crisis, the departing head of the Office of Government Ethics said.

US to Create Independent Military Cyber Command

After months of delay, the Trump Administration is finalizing plans to revamp the nation's military command for defensive and offensive cyber operations in hopes of intensifying America's ability to wage cyberwar against the Islamic State group an

To battle hackers, IBM wants to encrypt the world

IBM said that it has achieved a breakthrough in security technology that will allow every business, from banks to retailers to travel-booking companies, to encrypt their customer data on a massive scale — turning most, if not all, of their digital