Goodbye to net neutrality. Hello to an even-bigger AT&T?

Two pivotal developments this week could dramatically expand the power and footprint of major telecom companies, altering how Americans access everything from political news to “Game of Thrones” on the Internet.

Four ways to survive the end of net neutrality today

Here are some financial, technical, and political measures you can take: 1) Find net neutrality- and privacy-friendly broadband providers, 2) Subscribe to a virtual private network, 3) Use an encrypted DNS service, and 4) Find consumer-friendly st

Near-Collapse of ZTE May Be China’s Sputnik Moment

China’s technology boom, it turns out, has been largely built on top of Western technology. The ZTE incident, as it is called in China, may be the country’s Sputnik moment.

In Targeting Times Reporter, Justice Department Backs Trump’s Anti-Press Rhetoric

The revelation that the Justice Department had seized years of phone and email records from Ali Watkins, a New York Times journalist, raised concerns that the Trump administration was adopting a highly aggressive approach, continuing a crackdown t

Deal Makers Brace for Ruling in AT&T-Time Warner Case

Disney’s offer to buy 21st Century Fox. CVS’s bid for Aetna. T-Mobile’s proposed merger with Sprint.

Facebook Gave Some Companies Special Access to Additional Data About Users’ Friends

Facebook struck customized data-sharing deals with a select group of companies, some of which had special access to user records well after the point in 2015 that the social-media giant has said it cut off all developers from that information, acc

The Unsettling Hum of Silicon Valley’s Failure to Hire More Black Workers

Tech companies know that they have a race problem. But their efforts to address it have so far yielded little. Facebook Inc. says that 3 percent of its U.S.

Are any encrypted messaging apps fail-safe? Subjects of Mueller’s investigation are about to find out.

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III's team is reportedly reviewing the encrypted messaging apps of witnesses in the Russia investigation. The team is looking at what experts say are some of the best apps at keeping messages private.

Congress is less than 50 votes from passing a motion to save net neutrality

Congress is less than 50 votes from passing a measure that would restore network neutrality rules to the internet.

Lawmakers Vote Against Reinstating the Office of Technology Assessment

A push by a cohort of Democratic Reps to reinstate the Office of Technology Assessment failed on the House floor June 8. The office was created in 1972 to offer bipartisan advice and assistance to lawmakers on difficult technical issues.