FCC Outlines Post-Incentive Auction Transition

The Federal Communications Commission has released its procedures public notice for repacking TV stations after the broadcast incentive auction, which is currently wrapping up. According to the FCC's Media Bureau, the notice provides "detailed information, instructions, and projected deadlines for filing applications related to the post-incentive auction broadcast transition." That includes about filing for new construction permits for post-auction channels and procedures for winning bidders relinquishing their rights to spectrum—an FCC official said that fall is the soonest that winning stations that are exiting the business would be going dark. It also establishes the process by which eligible stations and pay-TV providers can seek reimbursement for transition costs.

The FCC will release a separate notice on how winning auction bidders can file for their payments. The notice is only targeted to full-power and Class A stations that were eligible for the auction. The item notes: "LPTV, TV translator, and digital replacement translator stations were not eligible to participate in the incentive auction, are not protected in the repacking process, are not eligible for reimbursement, and are not included in the phased transition schedule."

FCC Outlines Post-Incentive Auction Transition Incentive Auction Task Force and Media Bureau Adopt Post-Incentive Auction Transition Scheduling Plan