Anti-wireless hecklers interrupt FCC chair's speech at Computer Museum

Coverage Type: reporting
Computer History Museum, 1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA, 94043, United States

Hecklers complaining about alleged health risks of wireless transmissions disrupted a speech by the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View (CA). Tom Wheeler, a former executive for cable and cellular phone trade associations who became FCC chair on Nov. 4, had just started a speech about national telecommunications policy when a heckler stood up. "Hey, Tom, how many people have to die from brain cancer before the federal government puts warning labels on cellphones?" said a man in a suit jacket who appeared to be in his 20s. The man kept talking despite requests to stop from museum president John Hollar, who had just introduced Wheeler in the museum's second-floor Hahn Auditorium at the noon event, sponsored by the Commonwealth Club of California and recorded for broadcast by KQED-FM. Two museum staff members pulled the heckler from the crowd and led him out of the room as he yelled, "Profits! Profits!"



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