Can Tech Giants Save Us From Broadband Monopoly?

Source: Slate
Coverage Type: analysis
Apple, 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA, 95014, United States

[Commentary] The best news lately is clearly that Google Fiber is going to expand, saving at least a few American cities from the disaster of current broadband monopolies. And good for Google. But I think this raises the question of where are America's other technology giants, especially the most gigantic of them -- Apple -- on this piece of the technology stack?

My MacBook Air is a substantially better computer when used at my office downtown than when used in my apartment in Logan Circle because the Internet is much faster at the office. Not only is my residential broadband slower, but it's less reliable than it was in 2013. Now obviously integrating into those aspects of the user experience would be very difficult and very expensive. But the Google Fiber initiative shows that it's not impossible. And if there's any company in America that has the capacity to undertake a very expensive project, it's Apple.



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