Federal Communications Commission

FCC Action to Transform Lifeline Program for Low-Income Americans

The Federal Communications Commission takes a fresh look at how the Universal Service Fund’s Lifeline program can effectively and efficiently help close the digital divide for low-income consumers. Our efforts are three-pronged.

Debunking Chairman Pai's Claims about Net Neutrality Prepared by the Office of FCC Commissioner Clyburn

As an unwavering champion of network neutrality, FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn believes in setting the record straight. Chairman Pai made a number of claims and predictions in his dissent from the FCC’s 2015 Open Internet Order.

Remarks Of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai At Project GOAL's Conference On 'Aging And Technology'

Two-thirds of Americans over 65 use the Internet. Half have a home broadband connection. And two-fifths have a smartphone. These numbers reflect progress. But they also reflect a connectivity gap.

FCC Chairman Pai Statement On Threats Against Congressman Katko

Federal prosecutors have filed criminal charges against a Syracuse man for allegedly threatening to kill Congressman John Katko and his family if he did not support net neutrality.

FCC Chairman Pai asks: Is social media a net benefit to American society?

Is social media a net benefit to American society? Given the increasingly important role that social media plays in our daily lives, this is a question that all of us, including groups like the Media Institute, need to grapple with.

The FCC Should Not Give Broadband Providers the Keys to Your Internet Freedom

My fellow FCC Commissioners would benefit from hosting their own public forums and listening to the concerns raised by consumers and small businesses.

Commissioner O'Rielly Remarks at the Future of Internet Freedom Event

After the painful and demoralizing 2015 decision to insert government regulations into the middle of the greatest man-made invention of our time, I was never quite sure that this day would come. The Commission had no enforceable net neutrality rul

Remarks of Commissioner Brendan Carr at "The Future of Internet Freedom" Symposium

Reversing the 2015 [Title II] decision—this massive regulatory overreach—has my full support.