FCC's Lifeline overhaul sets fire to a bridge over the digital divide

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission took its first major step toward overhauling the controversial Lifeline program in a move that will punish not just low-income citizens but perhaps small, innovative service providers as well.  Ye

FCC’s plan to toss net neutrality is a win for 5G

While the claws are coming out, both pro and con, over network neutrality once again, one analyst says the Federal Communications Commission’s proposed order to repeal the 2015 Open Internet Order will be a catalyst for 5G.

Expect US mobile carriers to diversify and bundle more services

AT&T’s former Mobility Chief Glenn Lurie says the wireless pure-play is on its way out. “I do think, long term, you’re going to see less single-play players and more double- and triple-play players, and more bundling. Because without question

FCC Approves $1.1B Liberty-GCI Deal

The Federal Communications Commission has approved John Malone’s (Liberty Interactive)  $1.1 billion deal to buy Alaskan cable and phone company General Communication Inc. (GCI).

The rumors of Google Fiber’s death have been greatly exaggerated

[Commentary] Few stories in tech have been more breathlessly hyped on the way up and gleefully eulogized on the way down than Google Fiber.