Los Angeles Times

Majority of Americans say President Trump is just venting when he calls the press 'enemies of the people'

A staple of President Donald Trump’s rallies is criticism of the news media, which he has often labeled as “enemies of the people.” What do the people think?

5G service rolls out — but not without controversy

Lampposts around downtown Los Angeles are being wired with fiber optic cable and shoebox-sized gadgets to beam the fifth and fastest generation of cellular data, known as 5G, into homes and mobile devices.

Suit to block California's net neutrality law could be overshadowed by broader challenge in DC Circuit

When the Trump administration decided to dump net neutrality rules designed to treat all data equally, the states revolted.

Congress wants to hear from everyone but consumers in a hearing on consumer privacy

The Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing on Sept 26 on “Examining Safeguards for Consumer Data Privacy,” intended as an opportunity for lawmakers to learn about “possible approaches to safeguarding privacy more effectively.” That’s great

Comcast outbids Walt Disney Co. with $39-billion offer for Europe's Sky TV

Comcast triumphed over the Walt Disney in a hard-fought battle for Sky television, by offering $39 billion for the satellite-TV service that has 23 million customers in five European countries. Sky’s independent board members must approve the winn