Multichannel News

Telemundo Gives Its News a Big Boost

Hispanic television has taken great strides to bolster its news and public affairs offerings.

AT&T Debuts ‘GigaPower’ In Parts Of Dallas/Ft. Worth

Following its launch of ‘GigaPower’ in Austin in late 2013, AT&T has begun to offer services on its fiber-based, 1-Gig-capable network to parts of Dallas and Fort Worth, where the telecommunications company competes with Time Warner Cable, Cha

Net Neutrality Fans Seek Meeting With President Obama

Network neutrality advocates are continuing to try and leverage recent open Internet comments by President Barack Obama in their efforts to get the Federal Communications Commission to reclassify Internet access under Title II.

Fox, CBS Affiliates Warn FCC Against Removing Sports Rule

Fox and CBS affiliates warn that the Federal Communications Commission could be in danger of balkanizing sports programming and driving it to "increasingly expensive pay cable networks.”

Rev. Jackson: Blackout Rule is About Paychecks, Not Just Pay TV

Reverend Jesse Jackson is the latest fan of the sports blackout rule to write Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler about keeping the rule.

Broadcaster Coalition Warns Of TV Study Problem

Broadcasters interested in putting their spectrum up for auction at the right price says that there is a potential issue with the way the Federal Communications Commission is calculating interference that could artificially decrease the value of s

T-Mobile Challenges FCC Incentive Auction Proposal

T-Mobile has asked the Federal Communications Commission to reserve more low-band spectrum for companies competing with Verizon and AT&T for wireless spectrum in the upcoming broadcast incentive auction, arguing that the current system does no

Choice Words For Local Choice

Some veteran fans of a la carte and retransmission reform are getting behind "Local Choice," a Senate Commerce Committee proposal to allow multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) subscribers to decide which TV stations they want to inclu

FCC's Pai Teams With Rep Latta On Rural Roundtable

Federal Communications Commissioner Ajit Pai will be joining House Communications Subcommittee member Rep Bob Latta (R-OH) during the latter's August visits back in the district.

AT&T To Bring ‘GigaPower’ To Miami

AT&T flurry of GigaPower announcements continued with word that it will bring its fiber-based, 1-Gig-capable network to parts of Miami, where Comcast is the incumbent cable operator.