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Partnership Deals Meaningful, Not Dominant Contributor to Netflix

Partnerships with pay TV operators, internet service providers, and other service providers are valuable contributors to Netflix’s subscriber growth and could play an even larger role as the company looks more deeply into agreements that bundle in

FCC Chairman Pai Proposes Over $500 Million In Funding To Promote Rural Broadband Deployment

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai shared with his fellow commissioners an order to promote more high-speed broadband deployment in rural areas. If adopted, it would provide over $500 million in additional funding for cooperatives

FCC Members Restate Net-Neutrality Stances at CES

Five federal policymakers offered their familiar visions of core regulatory issues, including spectrum policy and network neutrality, during Consumer Electronics Show sessions.  With Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai absent becau

President Trump Vows to Protect Speech, Access to Media in Iran

The White House took steps to protect access to the media and speech in Iran. Those were part of a series of moves meant to signal that, while the President was again waiving nuclear-related sanctions--the U.S.

Chairman Pai Pulls Out of NRECA Speech Over Threats

There was a second speech Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai canceled this week, apparently related to the ongoing threat level tied to his Restoring Internet Freedom order vote to roll back network neutrality.

President Trump Plants Seeds Of Rural Revival With Broadband

President Donald Trump is expected to thank America's farmers for their political support on Jan 8 and to unveil a plan designed to help revive fortunes in struggling rural areas. "While other sectors of the American economy have largely recovered