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FCC Rule Repeal Won’t Kill Privacy Protections

[Commentary] When it comes to using your data from Web browsing and app usage, the Federal Trade Commission has been the regulatory cop on the beat.

Stop Treating Broadband Like a Utility

[Commentary] The question then before policymakers is actually this: Must we harness our broadband infrastructure to the yoke of 20th century Title II regulations designed for public utilities in order to maintain an open Internet?

Time Warner Shareholders Approve AT&T Merger

Time Warner shareholders approved the pending $108.7 billion merger with AT&T on Feb 15, putting the mega-deal on a path for a year-end 2017 close.

Rural Broadband, Restoring FCC to 5 Members Top Walden's Agenda

House Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR) outlined a broad agenda for the committee and its Communications Subcommittee Feb 14, with items ranging from legislative action on Title II to a comprehensive examination of Federal Communicati

Comcast to Bow 1-Gig Broadband in Huntsville, AL

Comcast said it plans to launch a DOCSIS 3.1-based 1-Gig broadband service to residences and businesses in Huntsville (AL) later in 2017, paving the way for a big broadband showdown with AT&T and an expected municipal service offering.

Missouri Bill Would Condition Muni Broadband Buildouts

A hearing is scheduled for Feb 14 in the Missouri State Senate Local Government and Elections Committee on a bill that would put new conditions on municipal broadband buildouts.

Reforming the FCC’s Video Competition Policy

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission released its 18th Video Competition Report on Jan 17.

Moody’s: Telecom M&A to Continue

Credit rating agency Moody’s Investors Service predicts that mergers & acquisitions activity among telecommunication companies will continue as the industry seeks to offset low revenue potential and intensifying competition with deals.

House Passes E-mail Privacy Act

The House unanimously passed the E-mail Privacy Act.