National Hispanic Media Coalition

Civil Rights Groups Question Lifeline Changes

The National Hispanic Media Coalition, Color of Change, NAACP and the Benton Foundation are among the organizations concerned about proposed changes to the Lifeline program, which is on the docket for the Federal Communications Commission’s upcomi

NHMC Will Challenge the FCC’s Repeal of Net Neutrality Rules That Protect Latinos’ Rights to Speak and Be Heard Online

The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) is prepared to seek judicial review of the Federal Communications Commission’s Network Neutrality repeal to ensure that Latinos and other marginalized communities continue to have access to an open Inte

NHMC Submits Analysis of Open Internet Consumer Complaints into Record

The National Hispanic Media Coalition filed a letter on November 20, 2017 to submit an analysis of open internet consumer complaints and related documents produced in response to its FOIA requests.

NHMC Files Application for Review Requesting Additional Documents Owed Under the FCC’s FOIA Obligations in the Net Neutrality Proceeding

The National Hispanic Media Coalition filed an Application for Review (AFR) to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC), Office of the General Counsel (OGC) seeking review of the letter dated September 14, 2017 stating that the FCC was produc

Former FCC Commissioner Gloria Tristani Joins National Hispanic Media Coalition as Special Policy Advisor

The National Hispanic Media Coalition announced that former Commissioner Gloria Tristani of the Federal Communications Commission will be joining NHMC as the new Special Policy Advisor.

First FCC Vote of 2017 Impairs the Public’s Ability to Hold Broadcasters Accountable

This is exactly the time that the public is looking to build trust with the media, fostering a productive dialogue that supports accurate coverage representative of diverse voices, and we are disappointed that the first FCC vote of 2017 deprives A

Public Interest Groups Slam AT&T’s Refusal to Serve Low-Income Americans Through Lifeline Program

Five diverse public interest groups spoke out about AT&T’s recent decision to opt out of the Lifeline broadband program and urged them to reconsider participating to offer the modest discount that Lifeline provides to low-income families strug

The Next Step to Modernizing Lifeline: Ensuring Smooth Implementation to Reach Underconnected

Dec 2016, the Federal Communications Commission's Lifeline modernization order will finally go into effect, empowering millions of low-income Americans with the resources to access high-speed Internet.