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After Reports on NSA, China Urges Halt to Cyberspying

The Chinese government called on the United States to explain its actions and halt the practice of cyberespionage, after news reports said that the National Security Agency had hacked its way into the computer systems of Huawei, China’s largest te

Revelations of NSA Spying Cost US Tech Companies

Even as Washington grapples with the diplomatic and political fallout of the Snowden leaks, the more urgent issue, companies and analysts say, is economic.

Media General to Buy LIN Media, Creating Large TV Broadcaster

Media General said that it would acquire LIN Media for $1.6 billion in a cash and stock deal that will create the second-largest local television broadcasting company.

Can You Trust ‘Secure’ Messaging Apps?

As the messaging wars heat up, security seems to be the big differentiator -- the levels of security range from “military grade” to lightweight, depending on the app.

Privacy in the War Without End

How should we think about balancing civil liberties and national security? It may depend on what a speech later this year tells us about how a modern war really ends.

Charter Still Hanging Around Time Warner Cable

A full month after the Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal was struck, Charter is still hanging around.

NSA Nominee Promotes Cyberwar Units

All of the major combat commands in the United States military will soon have dedicated forces to conduct cyberattacks alongside their air, naval and ground capabilities, President Barack Obama’s nominee to run the National Security Agency ,Vice A

How a Court Secretly Evolved, Extending US Spies’ Reach

Ten months after the Sept 11 attacks, the nation’s surveillance court delivered a ruling that intelligence officials consider a milestone in the secret history of American spying and privacy law.

Silicon Valley’s Youth Problem

[Commentary] Companies like Intel post disappointing earnings reports and others like Snapchat turn down billion-dollar offers.

The Future of Internet Freedom

[Commentary] Over the next decade, approximately five billion people will become connected to the Internet.