Klout Is Shutting Down Just In Time to Not Reveal How Much It Knew About Us

Klout, the service which measured online influence and assigned people a zero-to-100 score based on their social media followings, will shut down on May 25. Everyone’s Klout scores will go away, and with them, any remaining chance that businesses

Are You Really the Product?

he pithiness that makes “you are the product” so quotable risks obscuring the complex pact between Facebook and its users, in ways that make social media’s problems seem inevitable and insoluble.

Google Is Testing a New App That Would Let Anyone Publish a Local News Story

Google is testing a new tool for people to report and publish local news stories, called Bulletin.

Europe Has a Message for Americans on Net Neutrality

[Commentary] As the chairman of both France’s regulatory agency for telecommunications and the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications, or BEREC, I believe it is my duty to share some evidence about net neutrality protections fro

All the Ways the FCC’s Process for Killing Net Neutrality Has Been Really Shady

The docket where the Federal Communications Commission has solicited public input has been saturated with fraudulent comments in favor of repeal—from bots, Russian email addresses, stolen identities, and even dead people.