Technology Review

It’s time to rein in the data barons

Facebook, Google, and Amazon all have business models that require them to scoop up large amounts of data about people to power their algorithms, and they derive their power from this information. Like the oil barons at the turn of the 20th centur

We Need More Alternatives to Facebook

As the head of the Federal Communications Commission observed in a 1961 speech to broadcast executives, the industry’s revenue, more than $1 billion a year, was rising 9 percent annually, even in a recession.

A “Bug Fix” That Could Unlock the Web for Millions Around the World

Companies that do business online are missing out on billions in annual sales thanks to a bug that is keeping their systems incompatible with Internet domain names made of non-Latin characters.

Net Neutrality Rules May Slow Innovation, but Uncertainty Will Be Worse

What will happen if the Federal Communications Commission successfully eliminates President Barack Obama’s network neutrality rules?

Could New York’s Plan to Erase Its Digital Divide Work for America?

New York is moving aggressively under Gov Andrew Cuomo’s (D-NY) “Broadband for All” initiative to connect all its residents by 2018.

Why Snap Is Worried About Net Neutrality

When the maker of Snapchat filed recently to go public, it also stepped directly into the contentious political debate surrounding net neutrality, warning that if the government removes the Federal Communications Commission’s “open Internet” rules