5G Wireless Rekindles Decades-Old Fight Over Cellular Health Risks

Mill Valley (CA), a city just outside of San Francisco, has unanimously voted to ban fifth-generation (5G) cellular towers, claiming that they pose a significant threat to public health.

"Impostor texts" and other campaign issues with peer-to-peer texting

Voters are quickly becoming accustomed to the barrage of conversational, sometimes annoying and mostly unregulated text messages sent by political campaigns, often asking whether they can “count on your vote” while offering quick reminders on elec

Journalists Are Not Social Media Platforms’ Unpaid Content Moderators

For years tech companies have been getting free content moderation from journalists who have often been the ones unearthing illegal or problematic behaviour on huge platforms, with social networks only dealing with issues once they know that there

The Current Definition of ‘Broadband’ Is Too Slow and Ajit Pai Refuses to Change it

With the Federal Communications Commission preparing its latest report of the state of broadband in the States, the focus has shifted once again to whether the current definition of broadband is currently fast enough.