State Attorneys General Are Google's Next Headache

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley said he is investigating whether Google violated Missouri’s consumer-protection and antitrust laws. In one respect, Hawley’s investigation is “one AG in one state,” says Bradley Tusk, a political fixer for Sil

Google Limits Access to Airfare Data, Risking Antitrust Concerns

In 2010, when Google paid $700 million to acquire airline-data company ITA Software, the Department of Justice scrutinized the deal for antitrust issues.

Will Facebook Kill All Future Facebooks?

Since 2012, Facebook has repeatedly copied or acquired social-media apps that gain traction.

The Solution to Facebook Overload Isn't More Facebook

[Commentary]  In order to preserve our political democracy, which elevates the most popular among us (though perhaps not the finest) to power, we’ll seemingly abandon a total democracy of thought, which does the same for ideas.