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Developments in telecommunications policy being made in the legal system.

DOJ Says Judge Ignored ‘Economics, Common Sense’ in Allowing AT&T-Time Warner Deal (Updated)

The Justice Department argued that US District Judge Richard Leon ignored “fundamental principles of economics and common sense” when he allowed AT&T to acquire Time Warner. The department’s appellate brief, filed with the US Court of Appeals

DOJ and FCC request Supreme Court vacate 2016 net neutrality ruling

The Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission requested that the Supreme Court vacate a 2016 appeals court decision upholding net neutrality rules adopted by the FCC in 2015.

Deadlines Set in Net Neutrality Legal Bout

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals has set briefing deadlines in the challenge to the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality repeal.

US Court of Appeals for DC Circuit Rejects Petition to Reverse FCC's UHF Discount

The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit has declined to overturn the Federal Communications Commission's restoration of the UHF discount on the grounds that the parties challenging it--Free Press, Prometheus Radio--did not have standing to brin

Modeling complexity in the AT&T–Time Warner merger appeal

[Commentary] To be sure, the Department of Justice has a right to appeal [the Sinclair/Tribune decision], and it has done so well within the 60 days allowed from the handing down of the Judge Leon decision on June 12.

Net Neutrality Could Become a Merger Antitrust Issue. Someday.

Watch for network neutrality arguments in future antitrust analysis of mergers, competition lawyers said.

There is a lot to fix in US antitrust enforcement today

[Op-ed] The court decision allowing AT&T to acquire Time Warner is an example of the inability of our current system of courts and enforcement to prevent the decline in competition in the modern US economy.

Introducing Judge Brett Kavanaugh: Siding with Big Business and Big Brother

On July 9, President Donald Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Brett Kavanaugh, Who Has Ruled Against Campaign Finance Regulations, Could Bring An Avalanche of Big Money to Elections

DC Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s appellate court decisions and public comments suggest that he will accelerate the trend toward a political system dominated by wealthy elites — often operating in the shadows, without any form of disclosure