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Digital Beat

Andrew Jay Schwartzman
March 15, 2018

One of the most important antitrust cases in recent decades, the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) move to block AT&T from acquiring Time Warner, goes to trial in Washington, DC, on March 19. The significance of the case goes well beyond its impact on this huge transaction and on future media mergers. Here, with some necessary simplification, is what non-lawyers will want to know as the trial proceeds.

Michael Copps
March 5, 2018

This issue of net neutrality is such a no-brainer.  And we don’t have to drill down very far to understand that the only reason it is an issue at all inside DC’s notorious Beltway is the outrageous influence of the big Internet Service Provider gate-keepers. 

Jonathan Sallet
March 1, 2018

Louis Brandeis: A Man for This Season aims to demonstrate that progressive governance incorporated both the goals and the means that Brandeis believed would provide the strongest tools to fight against the trusts and the monopolies of his day. The essay, of which this article is an excerpt, is the starting point for an ongoing examination (through writings, speeches, and convenings) of how to update Brandeis—and, more importantly, antitrust—for the digital age. 

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