Todd Shields

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Support Bid to Restore Net Neutrality

Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s YouTube on Jan 17 told lawmakers that they support a legislative effort to restore net neutrality rules wiped out by the Federal Communications Commission in Dec. Executives appearing before the Senate Commerce Comm

How Democrats Can Win by Losing on Net Neutrality

On the issue of network neutrality, Democratic Senators are planning to use the Congressional Review Act, or CRA to force a vote in Congress on the issue.

Sinclair Station Sales May Be Needed as Tribune Review Nears End

Sinclair Broadcast Group likely will face demands to sell TV stations in at least 10 cities to satisfy regulators who are wrapping up a review of the company’s plan to buy Tribune Media Co.

Comcast Vows to Behave Without Net-Neutrality Rules. Not All Are Convinced.

A trade group of broadband providers including AT&T and Comcast pledged recently to not block or slow web traffic and otherwise avoid “unfair discrimination against lawful traffic online,” according to a statement.

Chairman Pai sees expanded role for FTC, Critics say FTC can’t react quickly, has limited role

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to gut Obama-era net neutrality rules calls for handing off the job of policing broadband service to an agency with different powers and a different mandate.

FCC’s Rollback of Net-Neutrality Rules Won’t Settle the Divisive Issue

Although the Federal Communications Commission is expected to adopt FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's new net neutrality proposal in December 2017, that won’t end a debate that’s roiled the tech world for years.

FCC Plans December Vote to Kill Net Neutrality Rules

The Federal Communications Commission is planning a vote in December to kill Obama-era rules demanding fair treatment of web traffic and may decide to vacate the regulations altogether, according to people familiar with the plans.

Ads May Soon Stalk You on TV Like They Do on Your Facebook Feed

Targeted ads that seem to follow you everywhere online may soon be doing the same on your TV.  The Federal Communications Commission is poised to approve a new broadcast standard that will let broadcasters do something cable TV companies already d

Possible Tribune Suitor Sinclair Woos FCC’s Pai on Regulations

Sinclair Broadcast Group, a broadcaster eager for freedom from US rules limiting mergers, lined up a Republican regulator for a company conference in Baltimore’s (MD) Four Seasons hotel days after the Nov 8 election.

FCC Set for Possible Partisan Stalemate After Commissioner Rosenworcel Nomination Fails

The US Senate adjourned without confirming Jessica Rosenworcel for a second term on the Federal Communications Commission, forcing her out of office and setting up the agency for a partisan deadlock as the Republican administration of Donald J.