UK heads Europe’s Internet usage

Author: Daniel Thomas
Coverage Type: reporting
Ofcom, 2a Southwark Bridge Road Riverside House, London, SE1 9HA, United Kingdom

Internet usage in the UK is the highest among the largest European economies, according to a report by Ofcom , the British telecoms regulator.

The UK has about the same number of fixed broadband connections – at 32 per 100 people – as France and Germany and higher than in Italy and Spain. This take-up of home broadband has spurred Internet usage in the UK, which is the highest among the five largest European economies at 81 percent of households online at least once a week. The UK has also benefited from some of the lowest fixed and mobile broadband prices, says Ofcom. However, Britain still ranks third for superfast broadband coverage at 65 per cent of UK premises, behind Germany and Spain but again ahead of Italy and France.



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