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Net neutrality bill moving ahead in California

An effort to restore net neutrality protections in California moved forward despite loud opposition by internet service providers and others. SB 822, written by State Sen.

California bill would restore, strengthen net neutrality protections

With the Federal Communications Commission order to repeal net neutrality rules set to take effect, a bill that would restore those regulations in California will get its first hearing.

Lobbyists are winning fight against restoring net neutrality

[Commentary] Anyone doubting the power lobbyists still hold in Washington need only look at the ongoing, shameful net neutrality travesty.  It was bad enough that Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, engine

ISP Sonic CEO talks about broadband policy, net neutrality

A Q&A with Dane Jasper, co-founder of Sonic, a Santa-Rosa (CA) based Internet service provider.

Asked, "Why do you support net neutrality and the FCC’s just discarded privacy rules?"