Ads May Soon Stalk You on TV Like They Do on Your Facebook Feed

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Targeted ads that seem to follow you everywhere online may soon be doing the same on your TV.  The Federal Communications Commission is poised to approve a new broadcast standard that will let broadcasters do something cable TV companies already do: harvest data about what you watch so advertisers can customize pitches. The prospect alarms privacy advocates, who say there are no rules setting boundaries for how broadcasters handle personal information. The FCC doesn’t mention privacy in the 109-page proposed rule that is scheduled for a vote by commissioners Nov 16. “If the new standard allows broadcasters to collect data in a way they haven’t before, I think consumers should know about that,” said Jonathan Schwantes, senior policy counsel for Consumers Union. “What privacy protections will apply to that data, and what security protections?" For broadcasters, Next Gen TV represents an advance into the digital world that for decades has been siphoning viewers away to the likes of Facebook, Netflix, Google’s YouTube and Amazon’s Prime video service. Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. and other TV station owners say the new standard, known as Next Gen TV, will provide sharper pictures and video on demand. It will also allow them to track viewers of their programming on tablets and other platforms. This could prove lucrative for ad sales. 

Ads May Soon Stalk You on TV LTV stations are about to track you and sell targeted ads, just liike They Do on Your Facebook Feed TV stations are about to track you and sell targeted ads, just like Google and Facebook (Washington Post)