How Nonprofits Help Digitally Disadvantaged Communities Connect

There is, of course, a digital divide among low-income Americans, but there is also what we at TechSoup call an organizational digital divide. Many nonprofits themselves are low-income and benefit greatly from low-cost, uncapped broadband.

5G: What is it good for?

Here is a brief explanation of how 5G will be used and what it will mean for your online experience — and  your everyday life:

CBO Scores the Precision Agriculture Connectivity Act of 2018 (S 2343)

The Precision Agriculture Connectivity Act (S.

Does It Matter If China Beats the US to Build a 5G Network?

Why exactly is it so important for the US to build 5G networks before China?

Cloud? Mall? Why internet metaphors matter in net neutrality debate

Absent intervention by Congress or the courts, the Federal Communication Commission’s net neutrality regulations, which prevent internet service providers like Verizon and Comcast from establishing tiered pricing and levels of access to the intern

How the Government Could Win the AT&T-Time Warner Case

[Commentary] In 2017, I predicted the government’s case to block the merger of AT&T and Time Warner would most likely be the antitrust case of the decade.

It seems as if maybe the White House doesn’t really want to talk to the press

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has held briefings less frequently than her two predecessors, her briefings have been shorter, and she has been more likely to fill up time with guests who can’t speak to what the White House is doing.

The GDPR transforms privacy rights for everyone. Without Edward Snowden, it might never have happened.

In June 2013, halfway through the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) negotiations, a National Security Agency contractor named Edward Snowden leaked documents on America’s global surveillance.

Happy GDPR Day

On May 25, the European Union’s new data and privacy law takes effect.

Antitrust via Rulemaking: Competition Catalysts

Some observers note a decline in competition in American industry; fewer new firms are entering the market, and markets are becoming more concentrated. Federal and state agencies can devise regulations to catalyze competition.