Net Neutrality Has Always Been a Bipartisan Issue

Congressional and state actions to preserve strong net neutrality protections have bipartisan support—while the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal had bipartisan opposition. Put another way, net neutrality is, and has always been, a

Google leaves an empty chair at Senate hearing on internet companies

The United States Senate Committee on Intelligence convened on Sept 5 to review the practices of internet platform companies, especially as they relate to protecting against any further election interference.

Rhetoric Aside: What the Data Actually Say About Broadband Deployment

Looking at the Federal Communications Commission’s Form 477 data from 2015 and 2016, three empirical facts emerge:

Internet service providers just pulled the big teeth out of California's new net neutrality rules

Internet service providers could not stop the California Legislature from passing tough state net neutrality rules. But they did manage to yank out most of the rules’ teeth. 

President Trump’s latest rally rant is much more alarming and dangerous than usual

At his rally on Aug 30 in Indiana, President Donald Trump unleashed his usual attacks on the news media, but he also added a refrain that should set off loud, clanging alarm bells.

Verizon California Throttling Mistake Shows How Radical Pai’s Repeal Order Really Was

Congress created the Federal Communications Commission in order to ensure we would have working communications infrastructure for, among other things, handling public safety.

FBI's encryption fight with Facebook could have broad impact on smartphone users' privacy

The FBI is asking a federal judge in CA to force Facebook to break the encryption on its Messenger app so investigators can listen in on an alleged MS-13 gang member's voice conversations.

Not just misleading. Not merely false. A lie.

The first denial that Donald Trump knew about hush-money payments to silence women came four days before he was elected president, when his spokeswoman Hope Hicks said, without hedging, “We have no knowledge of any of this.” The second came in Jan

Can Facebook, or Anybody, Solve the Internet’s Misinformation Problem?

“The work you see now from Facebook, Microsoft and others to be more proactive is a trend that is positive — it’s part of the solution, and I would want to see that trend continue,” said Graham Brookie, director of the Digital Forensic Research La

Opening Day at the Court of Appeals

After a long pre-season in which little else happened other than setting a schedule and format for briefing, August 20, 2018 was Opening Day for the litigation appealing the Federal Communications Commission’s December 2017 network neutrality deci