Why did AT&T pay the same company used to funnel hush money to Stormy Daniels?

Essential Consultants, a shell company owned by Michael Cohen, has no other known employees or directors.

How Popular Is Net Neutrality? Opponents Have to Hide They Are Campaigning Against It.

What really sets DC apart is our advertisements. The political ads never stop. Particularly when a major vote is about to happen — such as the upcoming vote in the Senate on S. J. Res.

Why We Need Net Neutrality Legislation, and What It Should Look Like

A key reason for the contentious fight over net neutrality regulation, and the source of its partisan strife, is that the way we classify broadband Internet access for legal purposes could have weighty long-term implications: Do we want a broadban

The Big Lie ISPs Are Spreading in State Legislatures is That They Don’t Make Enough Money

In their effort to prevent states from protecting a free and open Internet, a small handful of massive and extraordinarily-profitable Internet service providers (ISPs) are telling state legislatures that network neutrality would hinder their abili

What the life and death of Cambridge Analytica tells us about politics — and ourselves

Politics and data are now inextricably linked. Cambridge Analytica was part of a world increasingly fueled by vast troves of personal data that billions of Internet users emit every day.

Why Sprint customers should hope the T-Mobile deal succeeds

If you're a Sprint customer and have been frustrated by network performance, you may want to cheer on the deal with T-Mobile. If you're a T-Mobile customer, it doesn't represent much of an upgrade.

How AT&T's antitrust battle looms over the Sprint/T-Mobile deal

The outcome of AT&T's fight with the Justice Department over its bid for Time Warner could shape the regulatory review of the long-anticipated union of Sprint and T-Mobile. 

Will The Sprint T-Mobile Merger Pass Regulatory Muster?

Although there is a view that the regulatory environment for large mergers may have softened with the current government, a deal could still face considerable hurdles.

Why Is FCC Chairman Pai Dragging His Feet?

[Commentary] More than four months after the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal its network neutrality rules, the rules adopted in 2015 are technically still on the books. And we still do not know when the repeal will take effect.

Half of Republicans say the news media should be described as the enemy of the American people

In March, Quinnipiac University’s pollsters asked Americans if they thought certain news outlets — unnamed by Quinnipiac — were enemies of the American people?